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lux Member asked 5 years ago


for logging/event the cliRequest and cliResponse get reported fine. Unlucklie the event´s cannot be matched together.

for example:
I send a cliRequest for "addStreamAlias", the log shows both the cliRequest and the cliResponse. Byside the point that cliResponse miss the "command" there is no value to match both. It´s impossible to detect if a cliRequest is successfull or not.

Please could you include a ID of cliRequest inside the cliREsponse that the cliResponse can be linked easily to a cliRequest.

Cheers, Uwe

2 Answers
bryan Evostream-Staff answered 5 years ago

Good idea, thank you.

sarakhan Member answered 5 years ago

It would be nice to have MP3 support within an MP4 when recording