connection drops during rtmpt streaming

connection drops during rtmpt streaming

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arnaud asked 7 years ago
Hello, I have issues streaming to evostream using Flash Media Live Encoder with RTMPT protocol. After a few seconds, the connection drops. See logs below for more details.  Everything is running smoothly with RTMP protocol.   evostream logs:
1483003900:0:/thelib/src/protocols/rtmp/rtmpprotocolserializer.cpp:140:Deserialize:Invalid message type: 0 Size: 0\nPublished: 0\nConsumed: 0\nSend limit: unlimited\nAddress: (nil)\n
1483003900:0:/thelib/src/protocols/rtmp/basertmpappprotocolhandler.cpp:450:InboundMessageAvailable:Unable to deserialize message
1483003900:0:/thelib/src/protocols/rtmp/basertmpprotocol.cpp:1065:ProcessBytes:Unable to send rtmp message to application
1483003900:0:/thelib/src/netio/epoll/tcpcarrier.cpp:93:OnEvent:Unable to read data from connection: (Far:; Near: CTCP(29) <-> [TCP(2021)] <-> IH4R(2022). Signaling upper protocols failed

flash media live encoder logs:
Thu Dec 29 2016 10:32:00 : Primary - Network Status: NetConnection.Connect.Closed status
Thu Dec 29 2016 10:32:06 : Primary - Disconnected

3 Answers
arnaud answered 7 years ago
Do you need additional information to track the bug?
rjimenez answered 7 years ago
Hello, I tried looking again at your .pcap file and at our .pcap file generated when we tried to replicate your scenario. It seems that I totally overlooked something with regard to the rtmp video data your flash app sends to EMS. EMS is only capable of ingesting H264 video format, but it seems that your app pushes H.263 video format. That seems to be the main problem when your flash app tries to push a stream to EMS.
rjimenez answered 7 years ago
EMS officially supports only H264 video format, RTMP was just lenient enough to allow for the H.263 video format, that’s why it somehow seemed to work with just RTMP. We highly suggest you to just push streams only with H264 video format to EMS. 


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