continue live streaming output mp4 over evostream

continue live streaming output mp4 over evostream

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admin Staff asked 7 years ago
We are using EvoStream Server in our solution to make a live streaming like this : use PullStream command to input h264 video under MPEG-TS stream, then we read it over RTMP generated URI with Flash media player, For example : pullstream uri=dmpegtsudp://ip:port localstreamname= streamname We want to get an mp4 stream based on the rtmp stream to read live video over an mp4 player, Is there any solution to realise it using evostream ? PS: In Evostream guide and forum, we read that it’s possible to stream mp4 file with rtsp uri, rtsp://ip/vod/mp4:videoname.mp4 But this isn’t what we’re looking for, we need a continue live streaming output mp4 over evostream based on the rtmp stream,

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Don answered 7 years ago
Hi, After you have pulled an H.264/AAC stream into EMS, you can play it back using the following URLs: rtmp:///vod/mystream rtsp://:5544/vod/mystream You can also create HLS streams by using the createHlsStream command. You can then playback the HLS stream using a URL like this: http://:8888/mygroup/playlist.m3u8 For details, please check: Cheers, Don


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