Do you have configuration guides for Teradek VidiU Encoders

Do you have configuration guides for Teradek VidiU Encoders

Support ForumCategory: Installation and Basic OperationDo you have configuration guides for Teradek VidiU Encoders
jackc asked 8 years ago
I’ve been looking for configuration guides for Listeners, but there’s just the mention that you can. There’s no explicit information on what you need to include in the configuration file or any examples. Also is this configuration compatible with the HTML5 Websockets for sub second latency? Thanks! Jack.  

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ic Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi,   If you are sending streams from the encoder through RTMP, RTSP or live FLV, you don’t need any additional listeners since these are already enabled by default. Let us know how you send out the streams from the encoders you are using. Once these streams are properly pushed to EMS, these can then be played through the websocket player.   Cheers
bryan Staff answered 8 years ago

The createIngestPoint API is only applicable if you have enabled ingest points (which is off by default). You can read more about ingest points here:
For the Teradek encoder, you will simply put in the IP address of the EMS server into your Teradek Vidiu. In the Vidiu it will also ask you to specify a target stream name (sometimes called a target ingest point).  That target stream name will be the name of the stream once it is pushed to the EMS.  Once you have that configured in the Vidiu you can simply press the button to start streaming.
Do note that we have seen some issues with the “high profile” encoding setting in some Teradek products.  It produces some invalid frames causing issues with our server.  If you see distortion in the video stream, please switch it to the “baseline profile” encoding setting on the Teradek Vidiu.
Once you have “pushed” the stream from the Vidiu you can then do things like create HLS with it.  For example, if the target stream name you configured on the Vidiu is “test”, you’re create HLS command will look like this:
createHLSstream localstreamnames=test targetfolder=/var/evo-webroot/ groupname=mygroup
The playback link will then be:


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