EMS IPv6 support

EMS IPv6 support

admin Staff asked 8 years ago
I am running EvoStream Media Server (www.evostream.com) version 1.6.5 build 403-6102435-master – Gladiator – (built for Debian-7.0.5-x86_64 on2015-06-23T21:00:44.000)My camera server (ubiquiti) is located on network that has only IPv6 global connectivity. I tried to configure evostreamms to bind IPv6 socket that I could watch stream over IPv6. I didn\\\’t success. It feels like evostream binds only IPv4 socket.I found message from forum that IPv6 is in summer \\\’14 roadmap, but after that nothing more. https://evostream.com/question/ipv6-support/I looked also documentation but did not find mention on IPv6 support.What is current status of IPv6 in EvoStream Media Server?If it is supported, is there documentation how to enable it?If it is not supported yet, is there schedule when IPv6 supported?

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erika Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi techq, IPv6 is not yet supported with latest version of the EMS (1.7.0).  We cannot guarantee when will the support be included. You may follow @EvoStreamInc in Twitter to get the latest news from EvoStream!   Thank you!


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