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techq Member asked 1 year ago

Can you please clarify one thing for me. Contrary to my understanding please confirm if EMS can be used for a portal to enable users to create an account and livestream their videos?

My server administrator has advised me that EMS is designed for the end user only and cannot be used as a streaming portal to enable video publishing. Please let me know if it is true.

1 Answers
rjimenez Evostream-Staff answered 1 year ago

Well, EMS has no capability of supporting account creations, and based from what you want to do, the pushstream command is the command which would help you the most if you want to livestream your videos (by pushing your stream to EMS then that pushed stream can be played in a player of your choice). But most of the features will come from the portal you will create (from creation of user accounts to making pushing of a stream be exclusive to ones who have created an account), not from EMS.
For the familiarization of the pushstream command, you can consult our documentation if it fits your need.