EMS Ver. 2.0 – Not Creating /var/evostreamms/media Files? Need Help

EMS Ver. 2.0 – Not Creating /var/evostreamms/media Files? Need Help

Support ForumCategory: Installation and Basic OperationEMS Ver. 2.0 – Not Creating /var/evostreamms/media Files? Need Help
App asked 7 years ago
Every time I think it’s working, something goes happens.
Here’s where I am.
I can see the Stream I’m broadcasting live (hasStreamAliases=false)…. Same as I did with Ver. 1.7 using “Now you see me – RTMP Publish”.
The UI is picking up the stream and sometimes it would play it and other times it won’t. I killed the pids and tried to stop & start many times.
  Cleared Browser of all…. Still the same…

Video Won’t play?

Files aren’t being created here?
Won’t stream from browser?

What am I doing wrong? I’ve been at this for a few days.
Hmmm… Need help to get this configure the correct way.

1 Answers
erika Staff answered 7 years ago
please refer to https://evostream.com/question/ems-ver-2-0-how-to-create-symbolic-linking-correctly/


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