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silvan Member asked 5 years ago


Does EMS have a possibility to enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), or is JSON-P supported? That would be really helpful in order to make http calls directly from Javascript.


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toni answered 5 years ago

Hi Silvan,

Yes, you can use CORS to connect to EMS but that is under the prerogative of the user or programmer that would create the javascript (XMLHttpRequest ) and also the servers that would communicate to each other.

This can work just as long as you still send the correct url to the EMS (http request). But, the response from EMS would still be on JSON format not JSON-P.

Currently, the Web UI does not have this capability. It uses an AJAX POST and JSON.

Hope this helps.



xciter Member answered 4 years ago

Is there any development on this issue since 2013?