encoder stream path

encoder stream path

admin Staff asked 7 years ago
We are considering switching from Wowza (which we’ve used for many years) to Evostream due to reliability issues we’ve been having with Wowza (occasional locking of main thread causing connections to drop). In both Wowza and nginx-rtmp we are able to authenticate incoming/publisher streams through a web service. Our stream paths (as used in encoders) look like this: Address: rtmp://dfw01.live.lightcastmedia.com/fli Stream: 3018/livestreamname?key=0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef Is there a way to do something like this with evostream?

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Don answered 7 years ago


Instead of using a key in your stream URI, you can use Ingest Points for EMS as follows:
1) Enable Ingest Points and restart EMS.
Set hasIngestPoints=true in config.lua as shown below:
> hasIngestPoints=true,
2) Use the createIngestPoint API command to define private and public stream names as shown below:
> createIngestPoint privateStreamName=mySecretNameForPushing publicStreamName=myPublicNameForViewing
3) Pull or play the stream from EMS using the public stream name as shown below:
> vlc rtmp:///live/myPublicNameForViewing

You can also enable push authentication in EMS as follows:
1) Uncomment the authentication section in config.lua:
> authentication=
> {
> rtmp=
> {
> type=”adobe”,
> encoderAgents=
> {
> “FMLE/3.0 (compatible; FMSc/1.0)”,
> “Wirecast/FM 1.0 (compatible; FMSc/1.0)”,
> “EvoStream Media Server (www.evostream.com)”
> },
> usersFile=”../config/users.lua”
> },
> rtsp=
> {
> usersFile=”../config/users.lua”
> }
> }
2) Set the username and password in users.lua:
> users=
> {
> tom=”tom’s_password”,
> jerry=”jerry’s_password”
> }




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