Firefox and WebSocket player audio issues

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asynctask Member asked 2 years ago

EMS Version: 2.0
There is a bad audio distortion in Firefox that happens during playback of WebSocket live streams. This issue does not happen in any other browser. However, the audio will briefly clear up if there is a built up client buffer (be it from the browser freezing and the buffer building up before commencing playback, etc) but then it goes back to bad distortion once the stream has caught up with the client buffer.
Tried both AAC and MP3, 44.1KHz and 48Khz, 128Kbps bitrate. And if this part matters, all streams being played are pulled into the EMS via RTMP pullStream API

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bryan Evostream-Staff answered 2 years ago

can you please send us a sample of your stream (maybe as an mp4 file?) to please?  We arent able to replicate this with the content we have here.

asynctask Member answered 2 years ago

The inbound stream is a live stream from OBS Studio via RTMP. 

kuuuurija Member answered 1 year ago

We have the same issue too. Also happens in Edge browser.