HLS is broken in Evostream 2

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jakew009 Member asked 2 years ago

We have used Evostream for a couple of years to try and stream a webcam with HLS.
I recently upgraded to Evostream 2 and it has completely broken HLS streaming to IOS devices.
The streaming works fine on other devices.
Nothing was changed during the upgrade to v2.
I have tested with Flowplayer, JW Player and Video.JS and they all behave in exactly the same way (don\’t work on iOS).
A test stream is available here; http://www.kimbaileyracing.com/gallops-cam/
I have been emailing support but have heard nothing back, thought I would try here instead.

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rjimenez Evostream-Staff answered 2 years ago

Can you give us the logs when you tried playing it with IOS devices?