HLS play stream

HLS play stream

admin Staff asked 7 years ago
Due to the new changes with chrome and https, I have been advised to make use of HLS to play streaming content. I am looking at the documentation I have available, and I am not seeing an easy to find example of an HLS stream using the evostream media software. Do you have a PDF or a link I can visit to start converting my streams to this new format? For the player, I will be using jwplayer 7

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xai Staff answered 7 years ago
You can use a couple of APIs and the evo-webserver to accomplish your goal.
For completeness, in this example, we will use the pullstream API.

pullstream   uri=rtmp://localhost/mp4:bunny.mp4   localstreamname=bunny  (assuming we want to stream a local file and bunny.mp4 is under the /media folder)
createhlsstream   localstreamnames=bunny   targetfolder=../evo-webroot   groupname=hls

Open your player (e.g., VLC) and use http://localhost:8888/hls/playlist.m3u8 to playback the playlist. (This makes use of the evo-webserver, which defaults to port 8888).

See http://docs.evostream.com/ems_api_definition/pullstream and http://docs.evostream.com/ems_api_definition/createhlsstream for more information.


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