HLS stream doesn't run from IP camera

HLS stream doesn't run from IP camera

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r.sbravati asked 7 years ago
I installed EMS on my Windows 10 PC. By web User interface, I create an inbound stream from an AXIS IP camera by rtsp:

Then, I create an HLS stream from the inbound stream and I obtain URI:

Then I try to read the HLS stream by VLC, but I obtain error:
core error: open of ‘’ failed
http error: error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

To test, I try to play by VLC rtsp stream and it plays.

How could I be sure that the HLS stream is present? I read many posts, but I didn’t find similar problems… Thank you! Roberto

1 Answers
rjimenez answered 7 years ago
Hello, How were you able to create the HLS? Can you paste here your specific createHlsStream Command? And also.. can you give us the EMS logs just to know what exactly happened? We are not usually able to figure out anything from the player logs. It would be more helpful if the logs will come from EMS. Thank you. Did you also call list config by the time you created your HLS Stream? Did you see your createHlsStream there?


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