How connect websocket over https

How connect websocket over https

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Maher asked 6 years ago
Hi, I could connect to my websocket php server on client side js file like this:
Websocket = new WebSocket("ws://<evoip>:8410");  
But when we use Https instead of Http we can’t connect to ws:// so i changed it to wss:// but still can’t connect to evostream server
failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

We know that we should by an ssl certificate and add a wss configuration under /etc/evostreamms/config.lua , but we don't want to use it for performance reasons,

Is there any propositions (solutions) to use only WS when we use HTTPS please ?



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Maher answered 6 years ago
 Une erreur s’est produite : <ipevo>:8420 utilise un certificat de sécurité invalide. Le certificat n’est pas sûr car il est auto-signé. Le certificat n’est pas valide pour le nom <ipevo>. Code d’erreur : SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER 


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