How to secure the EMS Webgui

How to secure the EMS Webgui

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admin Staff asked 8 years ago
Hi, how can I secure the ems webui with username/password? I tried enabling apiProxy in webconfig.lua but it does not work? I don’t want it to be accessable by everyone but need it for maintains reasons.

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toni answered 8 years ago

Hi, You can enable a login authentication in the web ui, However, there is a caveat. What EMS version are you using? What webserver are you using? On your EMS_Web_UI directory, look for the text file – README[Enable_Login_Authentication].txt
If you are Not using the EMS Webserver (EWS):

  1. Enable login authentication by changing ENABLE_LOGIN to TRUE
    Go to: settings > accounts_setting.php > change ENABLE_LOGIN to TRUE
  2. Look for the default administrator account in the text file – README[Enable_Login_Authentication].txt

If you are using the EMS Webserver (EWS): Please contact the to request for a special build of EMS. Right now, login authentication for the web ui is not available on the 1.7 release of EMS Webserver (EWS)  


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