ingest and CCTV supported

techq Member asked 1 year ago

1. Is there a list of supported CCTV devices or stream times that are supported for transcoding?
2. Does evostream support ingestand send of rtsp multicast streams. I found a few community posts regarding this but nothing conclusive. If a sample configuration is available that would be helpful as well.

1 Answers
Don Evostream-Staff answered 1 year ago


1. EvoStream supports CCTV cameras that stream using RTSP or RTMP protocols and H.264/AAC codecs. For embedded transcoding, please consult our sales. The EMS also supports transcoding at the server side (one core per transcode process is recommended). Please see the transcode API in our online docs for details:

2. The EMS can ingest RTSP streams. Please see the pushStream and pullStream API commands in our online docs:
The EMS currently supports TS multicast. For RTSP multicast, special setup is required.