IP address

IP address

admin Staff asked 7 years ago
Could you please help me in this case? Port 80 and 433 are open, but the connection for DNS is closed. There for, Evo Stream software cannot resolve domain name to IP address and connect to your server. Could you please provide IP address of you server, then I will put them in host file?

1 Answers
Don answered 7 years ago


1. You need to open port 443 so that EMS can validate your license file.
2. Try browsing http://localhost:8888/crossdomain.xml to see if the EMS webserver is operational.
Note that port 8888 is used instead of port 80 to access the EMS webserver files.
The webserver port is defined in webconfig.lua.
3. For Linux package install, the EMS webserver root directory is /var/evo-webroot/.
For Windows, the EMS webserver root directory is usually C:\EvoStream\evo-webroot\.
The webserver root directory is defined in webconfig.lua.



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