Is this possible with EvoStream

Is this possible with EvoStream

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drock577 asked 8 years ago
Hi I\’m in the early stages of my project and evaluating software options. I would like to set up an AWS ecosystem to stream to Twitch and Youtube. Can EvoStream do this? If so… The basic part is that the server will compile the stream and broadcast it to Youtube and Twitch. I just need to create the content to be broadcasted. Lets say I have the content and am ready to go live from my AWS server… If the stream is carrying 2000+ viewers between the 2 platforms do I need to prepare for that many viewers or is my server only caring 2 viewers (Youtube and Twitch).  As in the resources I need for my EC2 server. What kind of EC2 server will I need? Thanks In Advance!

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Don answered 8 years ago
Hi, As I understand it, the 2000+ viewers will be connecting to Twitch or YouTube. The EvoStream Media Server will only be pushing your content to Twitch and YouTube. If you only have 1 unique content to stream, the EMS only needs to push 2 streams (1 for Twitch and 1 for YouTube). A single-vCPU instance should suffice for this use case. If you don’t need to stream continuously, a Burstable Performance Instance would be cost-effective. For example, if you only stream 4 hours/day max (4 hours / 24 hours = 17%), a t2.small instance would suffice. For higher utilization, higher T2 instances would be required. If you need to stream continuously, a Fixed Performance Instance would be required. At the minimum, an m3.medium instance should be enough. If you have other processes to run (e.g transcoding) in parallel with normal EMS streaming, you’ll have to increase the number of vCPUs in the instance type you’ll be using (e.g. m3.large if you need to transcode while streaming non-stop. In the burstable use case, a t2.medium should be enough if you need to transcode while streaming up to 4 hours/day).



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