local stream without Video

local stream without Video

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brooks asked 11 years ago
Hi All, We need your help for some urgency. We began to pull one stream of camera and recorded it into one file each one hour several days ago.But the local stream of Ems was unstable so far. There are 2 issues. One is that the record files were not wrote every one hour as our expectation. Some were only several minutes. Other is that since 11:00 AM 11th Oct 2013, the worse situation was found that the local stream contained only audio but no video. Neither HLS nor record file contained video. So we tried to pull this stream of camera as another local stream on the same Ems and found it worked well. But the local stream which we made several days ago was still in the bad situation. Commands as follow:

pullStream uri=rtsp://admin:evostream@ localStreamname=user15_89

record localStreamName=user15_89 pathtofile=../media/recordings/15/89/org_89.flv type=flv chunkLength=3600

createHLSStream localstreamnames=user15_89 targetFolder=../media/hls groupName=live_89 chunkLength=5 playlistType=rolling playlistLength=10 staleRetentionCount=1 cleanupDestination=1
Any suggestion or solution will help us a lot. Thanks.


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