nstallation questions

nstallation questions

admin Staff asked 8 years ago
I do not have the file platformTests in my directory that the Getting Started Guide refers to. Attached is the startup text when I start the server – I added the –use-implicit-console-appender to option to show as much info as possible. It shows an error or two and I wondered if that would be a problem. Also, I tried the \demo\demo.html and it didn’t work – I’m not sure exactly how to use it so I’ll keep investigating. Lastly, for now, no OSs I use have telnet as offered on page 28 (CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, MAC OS X). That program has been excommunicated for years because of its inherent security problems. We’ve been using SSH for more than a decade now. evowebservices evo-webserver.log evo-webserver.log

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xai Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi, do you have the license file and is it placed under the config folder?

..\..\..\sources\applications\lminterface\src\application\lmcontroller.cpp:150 Gracefully shutdown
..\..\..\sources\applications\lminterface\src\application\lmcontroller.cpp:150 Gracefully shutdown

The above lines suggest there is no license installed.




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