Outbound RTSP over UDP

Outbound RTSP over UDP

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bbischan asked 4 years ago
When trying to get EMS to serve RTSP over UDP using the inboundRtsp acceptor on port 5544, I always get “UDP timeout switching to TCP” response from the player. I have tried this using VLC and ffplay with the same results. TCP connections seem to work fine. To ensure there were no firewall issues, I made sure to test my connections from inside the firewall where the EMS server resides. All inbound streams to the server are pulled using TCP. Do inbound stream need to be pulled using UDP in order for the inboundRtsp acceptor to provide outbound RTSP over UDP?

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xai Staff answered 4 years ago
No. Please try opening the UDP ports for inbound and outbound. Note that at least 3 ports are being used for an RTSP over UDP session (4 if both audio and video are included). If the OS cannot assign (allocate, provision) these UDP ports, the attempt to use UDP will fail and would force the EMS to use TCP instead.



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