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ldutra Member asked 6 years ago

Hi all,

I’m receiving a stream from a client(FMLE) and the stream isn’t playing in iphone(hls), only in my player flash.

How can verify what kind of stream the client is sending?

We believe that problem is this.

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Don Evostream-Staff answered 6 years ago


For EMS compatibility, the FMLE should be set to H264 video and AAC audio. The output stream will be in FLV (flash video) container format. The connection to EMS should use the RTMP protocol.

To play the stream on your iOS device, please follow the steps below:

1. Using telnet, pull the stream from FMLE to EMS with the pullstream command.
For example: *

pullStream uri=rtmp://ip1/live/name1 localStreamName=name2 forcetcp=0

2. Use the createhlsstream command to create HLS files on your web server.
For example: *

createhlsstream localstreamnames=name2 targetfolder=dir1 groupname=group1 playlisttype=rolling cleanupdestination=1

3. Browse the HLS playlist on your web server using an iOS device.
For example, use Safari to open the link: *


Your iOS device should be able to play back the stream.

ip1 = IP address of FMLE encoder
ip2 = IP address of your web server
name1 = stream name output by FMLE encoder
name2 = stream name output by EMS server
dir1 = directory on web server for created HLS files
group1 = subdirectory on dir1 for HLS files in group created