Record command not saving for audio file only

Record command not saving for audio file only

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dmishra asked 8 years ago
Hi, my live streaming url is : rmtp://myipaddress/live/streamname It is playing in flash player while live streaming happen. But when we try to pull and record stream, it doesn’t save file in media folder. I have checked the permission on media folder and it has write permission. see steps below: pullStream uri=rtmp:// localStreamName=terry_audio Then record localstreamname=terry_audio pathtofile=/var/evostreamms/media/RTMPTest8 type=mp4 But it doesn’t save/record any files in media folder. It is working fine if we have both audio/video in stream but doesn’t work when we have only audio part. We are using Adobe flash encoder to send audio. Thanks

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Don answered 8 years ago
Hi dmishra, There’s a workaround to record audio on EMS. You can use the EMS transcoder to mix your audio with a still video. Since the video is unchanging, it won’t add much bandwidth or storage.
1. Put a simple picture in the media folder, for example:
> /var/evostreamms/media/picture.png
2. Use the launchProcess API command to do a transcode process to mix your audio stream with a still video based on your picture.
> launchProcess fullBinaryPath=/usr/bin/evo-avconv arguments=-loop\ 1\ -i\ /var/evostreamms/media/picture.png\ -i\ rtmp://\ -shortest\ -c:v\ libx264\ -c:a\ libfaac\ -tune\ stillimage\ -crf\ 0\ -metadata\ streamName=terry_audio\ -f\ flv\ tcp://localhost:6666
3. Record the stream
> record localStreamname=terry_audio pathToFile=/var/evostreamms/media/RTMPTest8 type=mp4

When you playback RTMPTest8.mp4, it should show your picture as still video w/ background audio from your source stream.

dmishra answered 8 years ago
I have tried it on telnet but no luck. Please suggest any alternate way of doing it or how we can trace exact problem? Thanks Deepak


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