record keepAlive=1, record doesn't resume

record keepAlive=1, record doesn't resume

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kossuth1 asked 8 years ago
Hi, Please help me in this situation: case 1: I started recording of an inbound stream with keepAlive=1, after the source stream had started. Record config: both the current and previous status are in “Streaming” When the source inbound stream disconnects, the record config “current status” changes to “Disconnected” instead of “Waiting for stream”, and when the source reconnects, the recording won’t start again. If the record config stays in the status “Disconnected” and we can’t do anything with that then what does that config stand for? case 2: I create the record config and its status gets the “Waiting for stream”. If the source stream conncects, the recording also starts. …. And after many reconnects it still starts. But only if the record config has defined before starting the stream Is it a bug, or a feature? Thanks

2 Answers
Don answered 8 years ago

We will try to replicate this. A ticket has been created to report this possible bug.

kossuth1 answered 8 years ago
Thanks, The problem is that it doesn’t happen every time. it’s random for me. Now I tested it again, the first time I stopped the stream, the record status changed to “Waiting for stream”, but second time it changed to “Disconnected”. By the way, what “Disconnected” means in a record config?


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