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Recording interrupted

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silvan asked 7 years ago
Dear evostream team, We have a couple of recordings from incoming streams, and despite having defined a chunkLength of 15 minutes, we have been encountering very often lately that the recordings are interrupted and new files are generated. The interval is more or less 4 minutes, and usually all recordings are interrupted at the same time. I don’t see any relevant errors in the logs. What other information might help you? Thanks and kind regards Silvan

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silvan answered 7 years ago
evostream.934.1516631840791 One occurrence e.g. was between 1516633580 and 1516633583
rjimenez answered 7 years ago
Hello, Can you specify what local streamname was involved in the problematic record process?

Usually, record process gets interrupted whenever the stream gets disconnected from EMS. Based from my initial analysis in the logs you’ve sent, whenever the record command continues.. its corresponding streamname is said to be not yet available. This means that either the corresponding stream is not yet present in EMS or it got disconnected. Another thing I’ve noticed is that there are streams which get unregistered from EMS every time “removeconfig” command gets called. Note that if what your removing that time is also a stream, it also means that that stream gets disconnected from EMS.  
silvan answered 6 years ago
Hi, For example the stream “D8-49-2F-A4-AB-02_52-54-00-30-43-7B_1280x720_15_22_2048_45”. But the strange thing is all streams from all (ca. 8) cameras are disconnected about at the same time. Good point that it says “stream is not available yet”. We also thought it might have to do with the network being overloaded. On the other hand, why is it in such a regular interval… We will also check what might cause the removeconfig command… Thanks Silvan
silvan answered 6 years ago
I think the root cause of it is somewhere in our system. So, thanks anyway for your time… Silvan


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