Rendevouz Server (ERS) / WebRTC / Firewall Problems

Rendevouz Server (ERS) / WebRTC / Firewall Problems

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bbischan asked 8 years ago
I have been testing Evostream (ERS) server and have encountered a problem with client connections originating behind NAT firewalls. Not all firewalls appear to have this issue, but based on my limited testing I have encountered 2 firewalls that are not working correctly with EMS (ERS) server. Are there any firewall rules that need to be setup for ERS to work correctly across most routers / firewalls? The error we are seeing using pm2 logs is “connectivityError”.

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Don answered 8 years ago
Hi bbischan, Please advise the EMS version you are using. Are you using the public ERS or your own installed copy of ERS? Cheers, Don


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