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drozd Member asked 3 years ago

Is there a any possibility for pushStream command to enter the username and password except for adding it to the URI?
We have run into problem connection while authenticating the RTMP stream to rtmp://***.akamaientrypoint.net/EntryPoint. We have tried rtmp://username:password@***.akamaientrypoint.net/EntryPoint, but it does not work. Although this setup would work with some ingest servers like Wowza, Akamai RTMP handshake is a three step confirmation and stream credentials (user and password) cannot be pushed in the same URI as EP address. They need to come separately.
For instance ffmpeg command would look like this: “rtmp://***.akamaientrypoint.net/EntryPoint flashver=FMLE/3.0\20(compatible;\20FMSc/1.0) live=true pubUser=username pubPasswd=password playpath=path”.
Thank you.