Rtmp using websocket

Rtmp using websocket

admin Staff asked 7 years ago
The latest version of evostream supports streaming over web socket. Is it possible to stream my current live RTSP streams (H264/ACC) using WS streaming? (Video sources are video surveillance cameras) Does it has the same latency as the RTMP? On the same web page, I show many stream at the same time. Is this also supported? Where can I find the specification or an implementation sample for the web socket player? We are using the lazy pull mode with a .vod file to open the stream toward the source only when player are connected. Is this also supported?

1 Answers
ic Staff answered 7 years ago

It is definitely possible to stream RTSP sources (or any other source streams) using websocket streaming. Any streams that exists on EMS can be delivered/streamed through the websocket player.
The latency of the websocket player is better to that of RTMP. And to further decrease the latency, you can play around with the GOP settings of your encoder.
Multiple streams support on the same page is undergoing development and will be available on future release. Right now, you can encapsulate the player through an html iframe tag and see if this would address your need.
A sample websocket player can be found here: http://ers.evostream.com:5050/demo/evowsvideo.html
Lazy pull mode is currently not supported through the websocket player.


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