RTSP – playback without filename extension

RTSP – playback without filename extension

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adambeck asked 3 years ago
Looking at Evostream for RTSP playback. Our content is ingested in a mpegts (h264/ac3) format without a filename extension, this is what is stored in the DB for playback and what I would prefer to use as the client devices where content is delivered cache this name on ingest and updating it can be difficult.

Using ffmpeg I can convert the files to a MP4 (h264/aac) container (as evostream cant playback the files as they are), and I can create this file without the extension, however I cannot get Evo to playback a file wihtout this extension specified. 

Using VLC if i request “rtsp://evostreamip:5544/vod/filename.mp4” it works fine. If I change the filename to not include the .mp4 and request from VLC, “rtsp://evostreamip:5544/vod/filename”, in the console I see:

/thelib/src/mediaformats/readers/streammetadataresolver.cpp:304 Stream name filename not found in any storage
/thelib/src/protocols/rtp/rtspprotocol.cpp:746 Unable to obtain metadata for stream name filename
/thelib/src/protocols/rtp/basertspappprotocolhandler.cpp:2618 Stream named filename not found
/thelib/src/protocols/rtp/basertspappprotocolhandler.cpp:657 URI analyzer failed
/thelib/src/protocols/rtp/rtspprotocol.cpp:398 Unable to handle content

Is there any option I can enable, or some way I can make evostream handle these requests proeprly?

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