sever side playlist / latency

sever side playlist / latency

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admin Staff asked 7 years ago
The description for server-side playlists says, “Playlist Files allow users to specify a list of streams, both live and recorded, which are played back in sequence upon a client request.” Our use case is we need videos to switch instantly — as in, when a customer clicks to change the video, there is a <20ms delay to play the next video, and there is certainly no buffering time. 1) Can you confirm server-side playlists is the solution we need to accomplish this? 2) Can you confirm this feature works with HLS? (Reminder that our mobile demo is on iOS.)

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Don answered 7 years ago


For server-side playlists, latency after switching to another video stream depends on when the first key frame will be detected after switching. Sorry, server-side playlists don’t work with HLS.



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