Stop Mulicast Stream without stopping my RTMP Streaming

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avaneesh Member asked 2 years ago

I am using EvoStream for Multi casting . For Multi casting i am using the following command .
pullstream uri=rtmp://
pushstream uri=mpegtsudp:// localstreamname=mystream.sdp
and at vlc i play using udp://@
Now i wanted to stop Multicast Stream without stopping my rtmp stream 
How could i stop multicast stream without stopping my rtmp stream which i fetch on 
rtmp:// on the player. I just wanted to stop that multicast stream which i play in VLC Without stopping my stream which playing on flash
Please tell me how could i achive this using EvoStream 

Avaneesh Srivastava

1 Answers
Don Evostream-Staff answered 2 years ago


You need to get the the config ID for the pushStream command.
You can then use removeConfig to stop pushStream.
For details, check: