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avaneesh Member asked 3 years ago

Hello , 
I am using your Evostream server for streaming. Earlier i am using rtmp protocol for streaming to the Browser where i uses the Flash for showing the content using src=rtmp:// in my html file
Now  i wanted to use the Websocket feature to remove the flash dependency. But i dont get how to use this feature .I am sending the encoded stream to Evostream media server using rtmp protocol and i wanted to play this stream on webpage using Websocket feature of your server. 
Please help me what changes could i have to do in config.lua file or steps to achive this. 
Avaneesh Srivastava

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Don Evostream-Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Avaneesh,

Please check our online documentation on how to use WebSockets here:

For example, you can open http://localhost:8888/demo/evowsvideo.html if your browser is on the same machine as the EMS and you are using the default configuration settings. Change “localhost” to the EMS IP address if the browser is on a different machine.