tcp connection refused when using transcode

tcp connection refused when using transcode

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tfield asked 9 years ago
We are encountering an error where the tcp connection to port 6666 is being refused when trying to start transcoding an RTSP stream. The error occurs if I try to use the RSTP stream as a source for transcoding or if I create a pullStream and use the local stream as the source. Interestingly the error is only occurring on our physical machines, if i use the same configuration and installation method (via a configuration management utility) with a Virtualbox based virtual machine the error is not encountered. The OS for both the physical and virtual machines is Ubuntu 14.04. Here’s the output from the console:

/thelib/src/netio/epoll/tcpacceptor.cpp:187 Inbound connection accepted: (Far:; Near: CTCP(21) <-> TCP(15) <-> [IJSONCLI(16)]
/applications/evorouter/src/protocols/cli/cliappprotocolhandler.cpp:783 command: transcode
/webserver/src/application/webserverapplication.cpp:891 Origin sent current streams configuration
[tcp @ 0x2719340] Connection to tcp://localhost:6666/ failed: Connection refused                                                                                                           
/thelib/src/netio/epoll/iohandlermanager.cpp:118 Handlers count changed: 17->18 IOHT_TCP_CARRIER
/thelib/src/protocols/liveflv/baseliveflvappprotocolhandler.cpp:42 protocol (Far:; Near: CTCP(22) <-> TCP(17) <-> [ILFL(18)] registered to app evostreamms 
/thelib/src/netio/epoll/tcpacceptor.cpp:187 Inbound connection accepted: (Far:; Near: CTCP(22) <-> TCP(17) <-> [ILFL(18)]
/thelib/src/netio/epoll/tcpcarrier.cpp:86 Unable to read data from connection: (Far:; Near: CTCP(22) <-> [TCP(17)] <-> ILFL(18). Error was (104): Connection reset by peer
I’ve confirmed that there are no firewall settings that would be blocking the connection (ufw is disabled and there are no iptables rules set) and that Evostream is the service listening on port 6666.

sudo netstat -tulpn 
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      3047/evostreamms
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      3047/evostreamms
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      3047/evostreamms
tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      3047/evostreamms
Using netcat I am able to connect to port 6666 with evostream running from remote machines or if I use in place of localhost.

$ nc -vz localhost 6666
nc: connect to localhost port 6666 (tcp) failed: Connection refused
Connection to localhost 6666 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
$ nc -vz 6666
Connection to 6666 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
Switching the transcode server url in config.lua from localhost:6666 to has no effect. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers, Tyler


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