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video link between a provider

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admin Staff asked 7 years ago
We’re currently trying to implement a private video link between a provider in Taiwan and a studio in New Zealand. We are finding that a standard RTMP stream is not working out for us as it is unstable. Our stream is a 10Mbps RTMP clean feed from an esports production studio in Taiwan. We are decoding this on our end, adding english broadcasting and rebroadcasting that on twitch. Our main issue seems to be caused by the lack of stability and good connection between our continents. Would like to ask a few questions about your product: – What sort of software needs to be installed on both ends – Is a server required and/or possible. – What sort of latency would be expected Looking forward to hearing your response.

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rjimenez answered 7 years ago
I’m not sure if EMS can be of any help with the issue of lack of stability/good connection between the continents. You can try pushing the stream they generated to EMS, then let EMS use pushstream to rebroadcast the stream to twitch to see if there is an improvement, though.


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