admin Staff asked 8 years ago
The thing is I have some videos which I have to share with my employees though HTTP URL. Am not getting perfect tool for the same. As this content meets security issues I don’t want to store or upload it to any cloud. Do your software meet my requirement? I tried installing the same but in the localhost also the players are not working. As I checked I think VOD HTTP Origin is the application am looking for but am not able to check the same in a trial version. And without checking I can’t give a suggestion to my organisation heads for purchasing the same.

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xai Staff answered 8 years ago
Hi, You can stream this VOD and access the asset via hls. Put your vod file under the media folder. Use the following APIs:
1.) pullstream uri=rtmp://<ip>/vod/<your file>         localstreamname=mystream … 2.) createhlsstream   localstreamnames=mystream   targetFolder=../evo-webroot   groupname=hlsgrp    ….

You can then share the url http://<serverip&gt;:8888/hlsgrp/mystream/playlist.m3u8 to access the playlist.

If you want to secure your playlist, we suggest you use the GNA (group name aliasing) feature of our web server (evo-webserver). This will limit access to the file only through the alias.

Set the hasGroupNameAliases to true in webconfig.lua. You have to restart the EMS for your changes to take effect. After doing 1 and 2 above, you can issue addgroupnamealias aliasname=alias1.m3u8  groupname=hlsgrp Then you can use http://<serverip&gt;:8888/alias.m3u8  to access the playlist at hlsgrp/mystream. However note that a GNA is exclusive and is one-time only, meaning only one user can use an alias at any time, and once used the alias gets invalid. 

Thank you.   Xai


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