VOD, stream alias and streaming over HTTP problems

VOD, stream alias and streaming over HTTP problems

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keiser asked 4 years ago
Here is what I have:

  • mp4 files in media folder
  • in configuration I have set the following parameters to true
    • hasStreamAliases  (config.lua)
    • hasIngestPoints (config.lua)
    • hasGroupNameAliases (webconfig.json)
  • the reason is I don’t want to have direct links toward media sources in webpages/devices
  • and I want that each session gets it’s own alias and cannot share media link to the other session/user
When settings above are false I’m doing the following thing as described here :
  1. pullstream uri=rtmp://…/vod/xxx.mp4 localname=test
  2. use VLC to play video at URI: http://localhost:9999/test
and this seems to be working although (I’m missing few seconds from the beginning of the video??!?). Now when I enable aliasing as described above, I cannot repeat above steps. I know I’m missing addstreamalias command but I’m not sure when to issue.
  1. pullstream command reports success
  2. addstreamalias also reports success (addStreamAlias localStreamName=test  aliasName=123 )
  3. use VLC URI: http://localhost:9999/123    seems not to be working
  Is this possible. I was doing similar before when browsers supported FLASH and RTMP/RTSP protocols were supported. Today this is not possible for VOD, so the only option is described in docs. Please answer to my questions as follows:
  1. why I’m missing few seconds of video start (aliases disabled)?
  2. how to support VOD/mp4 without doing pullstream and is it possible? (HTML5 browsers now can stream mp4 directly if I’m not wrong)?
  3. how to setup EVO to support aliases on VOD, over HTTP(S) and what is the right command flow (in docs this is not covered properly)?
  4. do VOD files by default have some “localname” value or there is command I missed to issue to setup local name for VOD?
Let’s start with this set of questions. Tnx. K.

6 Answers
keiser answered 4 years ago
Ty, Erika.. For now one more thing to resolve… when autoHLS is setup, and this pull VOD/aliasing is issued for every single request of the same file.mp4…
does this mean that for the same file multiple files will be created under HLS group folder?   Regards, K.
erika Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi keiser, If you will opt to use autoHLS, there will be one main folder named autoHLS in evo-webroot.  The subfolder will be named after the localstreamname: Example:
  1. pull StreamA
  2. pull StreamB
  3. pull StreamC
in evo-webroot: autoHLS – StreamA – StreamB – StreamC   Regards,


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