WSS Don't work !!! Urgent

WSS Don't work !!! Urgent

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Maher asked 7 years ago
We need to deliver ASAP your evostream server with HTML5 support,  After many days around that issue, Now it’s a mess, we cannot achieve it   We use HTTPS web server, that oblige us to be in secured wss websocket (as your support told us)  (even put a ws url, the browser force it to wss) Now, we cannot arrive to configure properly the certificates in evostream server, even we follow your doc.   We tried both with self-signed and real SSL certificate bought at comodo, but the error messages are :   From your player page on chrome (similar with firefox): 1 – With a normal ws link : its working 2 – With the certificate we found in your server (as said your support) : WebSocket connection to ‘wss://<ip-evo>:8420/zVqWTR4vQ91RRuscd?progressive‘ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE 3 – With a real comodo certificate :  WebSocket connection to ‘wss://<ip-evo>:8420/zVqWTR4vQ91RRuscd?progressive‘ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED   PS : we use the AWS market place evostream, PS : we would like to use floating ip address (not linked to a domain name)   Can you make some test in your side, and give zip directory to replace in the AWS marketplace evostream or contact us by skype to try to solve it asap Or find a solution to have ws  into a HTTPS webpage

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Don answered 7 years ago

Hi Maher,

Regarding item 2 above, the certificate used is a self-signed certificate. For security, browsers normally prevent you from proceeding. You can add this as an exception and proceed. WSS playback should be working after this.

Regarding item 3, please check if your certificate matches the name used.


Maher answered 7 years ago
Hi again, I think that this answer is useless, I can’t ask 10k users to add this exception to their browsers, We need a useful solution please, https with wss, or http with ws ? regards,  
Maher answered 7 years ago
Hi, Regarding item3, I brought an SSL certificate already used for one of our webserver, And I integrated it into the machine evostream aws,
But I still get the message: failed: Error in connection establishment: net :: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED You asked us to check if our certificate matches the name used. Could you please help us to generate a new SSL / TLS Certficate dedicated to wss over aws evostream machine,   Regards,
Don answered 7 years ago
Hi Maher, Regarding item 2, you have a point. It would be a pain to ask each your 10k clients to add the browser exception individually. Item 2 would only be helpful for your own trouble-shooting or for helping out a few clients. Regarding item 3, could you check if the certificate you purchased has been properly integrated with EMS? You could startup the EMS then go to this link to check: > Let me know if the results are as expected. If not, you need to put your certificate and key where EMS can access them. You also need to modify config.lua and webconfig.lua to reflect the location of your certificate and key. If they are already where the configuration files say they are, perhaps the certificate and key are not in the correct format. In any case, please let us know the result of certificate lookup using the link above. Cheers, Don
Maher answered 7 years ago
Hi Don, Regarding item 2: it’s good, I’ve escaped the exception and streaming works fine, For item 3: yes my certificate (.key / .cert) is valid until 2018
I integrated it in place of the default certificate, (without changing the configuration files webconfig.lua and config.lua) And I did not have the streaming !! could you support me ? Thanks,


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