EvoStream Press Releases

EvoStream Press Releases

Evostream and Bitmovin Partner to Enable Advanced Metadata Aggregation and Delivery over HLS

Easily add dynamic overlays and interactive displays to accompany and augment video streams

NAB Show, Las Vegas, NV: In this age of data science, developers are seeking to incorporate valuable metadata in their video streams. We now have an elegant solution in the combined technologies of EvoStream & Bitmovin. The EvoStream Media Server (EMS) provides a robust mechanism for ingesting metadata of all types and associating it with video streams. Bitmovin’s HTML5 Player is an intelligent, intuitive player that delivers a quality video experience for everyone, everywhere.

“We firmly believe that metadata will be more and more important in live, low-latency video streaming,” said Bryan Meissner, CTO and Co-Founder of EvoStream, “and by partnering with Bitmovin we’re able to solve not only the frame-aligned delivery of the metadata, but the player-side parsing and presentation of the metadata. Adding metadata to your live streaming workflow could not be easier. ”

“Content owners are demanding increasingly sophisticated mechanisms that take advantage of today’s delivery capabilities,” said Stefan Lederer, CEO and Co-Founder of Bitmovin, “we’ve found that by partnering with companies like EvoStream, we can harness these capabilities in our joint solution and deliver the benefit directly to the content owner.” Read more.

Sub-Second HTML5 Playback and H.264 Peer to Peer Video with EvoStream Media Server

EvoStream has released its first major revision of the EvoStream Media Server in over a year, brining True Live HTML5 playback, Peer to Peer streaming from Security Cameras and Wearables along with frame-aligned Metadata aggregation and delivery.

EvoStream now provides direct HTML5 streaming, with SUB-SECOND latency. Using a simple Javascript library that is dynamically loaded, users can play live streams from any source directly on any Media Source Extension enabled browser including Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox and more.

The EvoStream Media Server provides a variety of dynamic and scalable workflows for live streaming video. EvoStream is focused on low latency streaming but also fully… Read more.

EvoStream adds Ad-Insertion to the leading Java-less Media Server for Better Monetization.

The EvoStream Media Server version 1.6.5 adds a huge new set of features on top of the industry’s most efficient media server.

EvoStream has released version 1.6.5 of the EvoStream Media Server. Feature highlights include:

  • Ad Insertion and Server Side Playlists
  • Adaptive RTMP
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Support for Limelight secure CDN services
  • Verimatrix DRM Support

The EvoStream Media Server is a robust streaming platform used … Read more.


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