failed to rtsp streaming video

failed to rtsp streaming video

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sky-light asked 5 years ago
Hi, We use statement  “pushstream uri=rtsp://$1:5544/ targetstreamname=$2 localstreamname=$2” to rtsp streaming video but failed. $1 means server IP address ,$2 means streaming name. we run ./evostremms /config/config.lua to push streaming video.  Tool EvoStream EMS 2.0.1 report  rtsp error.  How to rtsp streaming video to EMS successfully? Thanks.  

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ian Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, From the API command you are using, I gather that your aim is to push an existing stream to another server. The command you are using seems correct, but there might be some mismatch between the parameters and the remote server you are pushing to. One thing that might be incorrect is the port. Unless you are pushing to another EMS instance, it’s most likely that the RTSP port on the other is uses the default RTSP protocol, which is 554. To what server are you pushing the stream to? Regards, Ian
sky-light answered 5 years ago
Hi ian, Thanks for your reply.  I can make sure that RTSP ports (5544) are the same on both side after checking  config.lua.  We  build local server and run EvoStream EMS 2.0.1.  if using  rtmp to push streaming video,then it is ok. We can see video by VLC. but using rtsp to push streaming video but it failed. the difference between them:  
echo "pullstream uri=rtsp:// localstreamname=$2" | nc -w 1 1222
echo "pushstream uri=rtmp://$1/live/ targetstreamname=$2 localstreamname=$2" | nc -w 1 1222 // that is ok for seeing streaming video on VLC
echo "pushstream uri=rtsp://$1:5544/ targetstreamname=$2 localstreamname=$2" | nc -w 1 1222 // that is failed for seeing streaming video on VLC.



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