h265 rtmp

techq Member asked 1 year ago

we have been using IP camera with RTMP Protocol on H.264 compression to push stream to wowza.

We are planning to migrate to H.265 for the obvious reason of lower bit rate and better quality.

We would like to explore using Evo Stream for our further requirement. We ware using AWS along with wowza currently and have deployed 100+ server every year to stream 10000+ IP camera.

We would like to know if EVO Streaming can support H.265 stream via RTMP input, can it directly pass the stream to suitable player without using trans coder.
We would also require support on suitable player for WEB, Android and IOS to play incoming stream.

we dont wish to use trans coder due to high cpu usage. Also we just want to pass through input stream to player with our changing bit rate or other function.

Also require is the DVR function to record and playback incoming stream.