How to push live stream from web camera to EMS server?

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dmishra Member asked 3 years ago


I have installed a EMS 1.7 package on my server

Now i would like to know how to create live stream from web camera and push it to EMS server and later can play it.

What should be our live url?

Can you please explain how from web camera it automatically store stream on EMS server from flash encoder or other tools and what configuration need to set at EMS configuration file?


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Don Evostream-Staff answered 3 years ago


Please take a look at OBS-Studio. You can use it to stream from various sources, including your webcam. It is also multi-platform.

In settings > stream, set the following:
URL: rtmp://<ems_ip_address>:1935/live
Stream key: <stream_name or ingest_point>

The hasIngestPoints parameter in the EMS configuration file needs to be set properly.
See … definition for details.
If hasIngestPoints=false in config.lua, the Stream key is the same as the stream name.
If hasIngestPoints=true in config.lua, you need to add an ingestPoint first before you can push a stream to EMS.
See … est_point/ on how to create an ingest point.
Other API commands can be found here: … _contents/