Question on EMS 1.7

Question on EMS 1.7

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admin Staff asked 7 years ago
I have some questions regarding your Evostream solution 1. Can we use your product via our current broadcasting scheme: [Publishers] -> Origin servers -> Edge servers -> [Viewers]? 2. Can we test your solution with our existing wowza architecture? Is it going to be easy? 3. We already have Android App based on Wowza SDK, how can we move it or it’s better to leave it there? If we leave it there – how can we integrate it in a new architecture? 4. What about WebRTC: can we broadcast from it not to a viewer (P2P), but to origin server and then send it to different viewers (including Flash)?

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Don answered 7 years ago


1. As long as your publisher can push RTMP/RTSP H.264/AAC streams to an EMS server, your workflow should still work with EMS.
2. Sorry, you will have to do research and/or evaluate that yourself.
3. If your Android app can push RTMP/RTSP H.264/AAC streams to EMS, you can integrate it with the EMS.
4. Currently, webRTC on EMS only streams directly to viewers.



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