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silvan Member asked 10 months ago


We have a recording configured for 24 hours with a chunk length of 15 minutes. After every 15 minutes a new file is created with *part****.mp4. Now and then it occurs that one part is closed and the next part created in very short intervals, that is, we have about 1800 files within 20 minutes. Each file has a size of a few hundred kilos and there’s only a black video.

So what might be the reason that the chunk length is not kept?
Btw, there is absolutely no log file during the time it happened, also strange.


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erika Evostream-Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello silvan,
May we know the EMS version you are using? 
Also, does this happens always? 
Is the source a live stream?

silvan Member answered 10 months ago

Hi erika,

The EMS version is: evostreamms-
It happens every couple of days.

It is a live stream (pull):
“audioCodecBytes”: “”,
“configId”: 193798,
“emulateUserAgent”: “EvoStream Media Server ( player”,
“forceTcp”: false,
“httpProxy”: “”,
“isAudio”: false,
“keepAlive”: true,
“localStreamName”: “D8-49-2F-A4-AB-03_52-54-00-30-43-7B_1280x720_15_0_2048_45”,
“operationType”: 1,
“pageUrl”: “”,
“ppsBytes”: “”,
“rangeEnd”: -1,
“rangeStart”: -2,
“rtcpDetectionInterval”: 10,
“sendRenewStream”: false,
“spsBytes”: “”,
“ssmIp”: “”,
“status”: {
“current”: {
“code”: 0,
“description”: “Streaming”,
“timestamp”: 1541572298,
“uniqueStreamId”: 329781
“previous”: {
“code”: 3,
“description”: “Connected”,
“timestamp”: 1541572297,
“uniqueStreamId”: 0
“swfUrl”: “”,
“tcUrl”: “”,
“tos”: 256,
“ttl”: 256,
“uri”: “rtsp://[user]:[password]@[ip]:554/stream/profile1=r”

Best regards

erika Evostream-Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Silvan,
Can I request you to use the latest 1.7.1 EMS? You can download it here
You can still use the same license you have with that package. 
Please try and observe if the issue still happens.. There are bug fixes made for recording with that package. 
Let us know if the issue still persist. We will investigate from version 1.7.1.
Please be informed that the latest EMS version is 2.0.1. You might also want to try that version. 
Thank you!