Setting up test environment on OS X

Setting up test environment on OS X

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pdebellis asked 7 years ago
I’m trying to get familiar with evostream by running everything locally on my OS X machine (I’m new to OS X by the way). I was wondering if there is any documentation for an OS X install? I can only find Linux and Windows in the docs. I do have EMS running currently but I would feel more confident that everything installed properly if I could follow some official documentation.

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Don answered 7 years ago

Hi pdebellis,

Installation of EMS on OSX is just a simple extraction of the EMS package (.tar.gz) to a folder of your choice.

Here is the current package for OSX as of 6-Jan-2017:

Please check the most recent version from here:

Port 1935 is used for RTMP streams by default.

You can play MP4 files in the media directory using one of these URIs:
Specifying port 1935 is optional.
For details, please check our online guide:

To play streams thru a browser, you can use DASH or HLS.
Check the following documentation for details:



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