EMS keeps Crashing when others Join to view.

EMS keeps Crashing when others Join to view.

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App asked 8 years ago
Ryan,   Every time I have others go to view the streams the EMS Crash! I have to restart it and it will stream for a bit then crash again!!!   Why, what’s going on, this is the only thing hosted on this dedicated server?   Please help as I trying to go live. Thanks.   P.S. Where is the default location to find the “evostreamms.xx.xxxx.log” you need sent for trouble shooting? RE: Also send the, evostreamms.xx.xxxx.log.

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Don answered 8 years ago
Hi, Please send the EMS logs and configuration files. For Linux, the logs can be found in /var/log/evostreamms/.
The configuration files would be config.lua and webconfig.lua in /etc/evostreamms/. For Windows, the logs can be found in c:\evostream\logs\ for the default install location.
The configuration files would be config.lua and webconfig.lua in c:\evostream\config\. Cheers,
App answered 8 years ago
I Followed your instructions that was emailed to me below (I pasted copy). This is Not Working.    — Still Crashing & Running Sluggish. What needs to be done to get this to work as Advertised? The dedicate server I have EMS of is host just that, EMS. So nothing else is using the CPU. I’ve been trying to get this together now for many many Months now “even paid for support”. Please, HELP ME TO GET THIS TO WORK AS ADVERTISED! =======================   YOUR Email asked if I would: ============================== Can you please turn off the logging in the EWS.  We recently found a bug in the logging portion that we are still migrating into production.  You can turn off logging by setting the “level” field in the “file appender” section of the webconfig.lua to 0: {                         name=”file appender”,                         type=”delayedFile”,                         level=0,                         fileName=”../logs/evo-webserver”,                         newLineCharacters=”\n”,                         fileHistorySize=100,                         fileLength=1024*1024,                         singleLine=true                 }, — 
Don answered 8 years ago
Hi, Regarding this error from the logs:
Requesting Invalid File: /var/evostreamms/media/evowebservices/evowebservices.php
It seems that the web server is looking at the wrong folder for the said file.

You can download a demo evowebservices from here:
> https://evostream.com/software-downloads/
At the bottom of the page, there is a download button below Sample Web Services.
To configure the demo evowebservices, please check the following document:
> http://docs.evostream.com/ems_web_services_user_guide/setup

For the default installation, the EWS is the web server. The evowebservices files are expected in:
> /var/evo-webroot
Make sure that the webRootFolder parameter in the EWS configuration file, /etc/evostreamms/webconfig.lua, points to that folder:
> webRootFolder=”/var/evo-webroot”, Cheers,


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