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Sub-Second HTML5 Playback and H.264 Peer to Peer Video with EvoStream Media Server

EvoStream has released its first major revision of the EvoStream Media Server in over a year, brining True Live HTML5 playback, Peer to Peer streaming from Security Cameras and Wearables along with frame-aligned Metadata aggregation and delivery.

Live HTML 5 Streaming

EvoStream now provides direct HTML5 streaming, with SUB-SECOND latency.  Using a simple Javascript library that is dynamically loaded, users can play live streams from any source directly on any Media Source Extension enabled browser including Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox and more.

The EvoStream Media Server provides a variety of dynamic and scalable workflows for live streaming video.  EvoStream is focused on low latency streaming but also fully supports and delivers DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming.   Simultaneously deliver real-time HTML5 video along with HLS and DASH as fallback streams to provide robust streaming for all platforms.

Metadata Delivery

The EvoStream Media Server now provides robust mechanism for ingesting metadata of all types and associating it with video streams.  The metadata can be anything from location data to thumbnail images to heart rate data. Metadata is timestamped against the video and transparently transported with the video throughout your entire workflow.  It is then delivered in real-time with your video for display or analysis along with your video.  Whether you are using our new HTML5 low latency streaming or HLS with 30 seconds of delay, your player will receive the metadata frame-aligned and in-time with the video.

Peer To Peer

The EvoStream Media Server now facilitates Peer to Peer streaming directly to Web Browsers, Android and iOS using standard H.264 payloads.  There is no need to transcode to VP8 or any other video compression.  Peering can be completely controlled at the EvoStream Rendezvous Server, which may be deployed by EvoStream or within client networks, to maintain the security and provide the access control vital to any live streaming architecture.


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