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EvoStream adds Ad-Insertion to the leading Java-less Media Server for Better Monetization.

The EvoStream Media Server version 1.6.5 adds a huge new set of features on top of the industry’s most efficient media server.

EvoStream has released version 1.6.5 of the EvoStream Media Server. Feature highlights include:

  • Ad Insertion and Server Side Playlists
  • Adaptive RTMP
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Support for Limelight secure CDN services.
  • Verimatrix DRM Support

EvoStream Better TCO per Stream

The EvoStream Media Server can reduce your Total Cost per stream by 80% compared to the leading Java Based Streaming Server. There are many costs associated with operating a streaming service, but typically hardware, hardware maintenance and software licensing costs are chief among them.

The key EvoStream Media Server cost-saving driver is its efficiency which allows a server to handle 4 times as many concurrent streams. This means one server can now do the job of 4, drastically increasing your capacity or drastically reducing the amount of hardware needed to accomplish a target project. In addition, not all hardware is equally capable; perhaps you choose to serve your 30,000 clients with a cheap Intel i5 based server instead of upgrading to the latest Xeon based server.

For larger deployments, EvoStream provides advanced load balancing schemas and bandwidth reducing features. Using the EvoStream Media Server in a clustered environment only multiplies the cost savings.

In addition, the price of the EvoStream license does include all premium features (Transcoder, DRM, nDVR) and optional modules (Web based UI, Web-service integration framework) while other solutions require paid add-ons.

This tremendous value is achieved by an ultra efficient software architecture along with utilizing the native C/C++ programming language instead of running on a complex Java platform.

Here is an example of the cost associated with running a single EvoStream Media Server to its full capacity compared to the leading Java Based solutions.

evostream tco white paper pricing

Hardware maintenance and management of server infrastructure is also an important factor in your hosting costs. Reduction in infrastructure reduces the burden placed on your IT resources.


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