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EvoStream HTML5 Low-Latency Broadcast Solution on Microsoft Azure


This white paper discusses the deployment, performance and scalability to the Azure Cloud platform of a streaming server solution – Evostream Enterprise Media Server (EMS).

Tests of performance have been conducted by the EvoStream team but were not audited by a third party. That said, we are disclosing all the details and data so that you can arrive at your own conclusions.

Advanced Load balancing and bandwidth management

For larger deployments, EvoStream Media Server provides an advanced Load Balancer Solution template leveraging the Azure load balancing and auto-scaling capabilities.

These load balancing schemas and bandwidth reducing features optimize the VM capacity and software license require to support your live streaming requirements. Using the EvoStream Media Server in a clustered environment only multiplies the cost savings.

This tremendous value is achieved by an ultra-efficient software architecture along with utilizing the native C/C++ programming language instead of running on a complex Java platform. Deploying to the cloud leveraging from advanced load balancing and bandwidth management you can expect a saving in TCO.

The EvoStream Media Server can reduce your Total Cost per stream. There are many costs associated with operating a streaming service, but typically software and VM cloud licensing costs are chief among them.

The key EvoStream Media Server cost-saving driver is its efficiency which allows a server to handle 4 times as many concurrent streams. This means one server can now do the job of 4, drastically increasing your capacity or drastically reducing the amount of cloud capacity (VMs) needed to accomplish a target project.

EvoStream on Azure


Azure Evostream - Architecture

A simple scaling live-stream for redundant and low-latent live streams.  HTML5 delivery (to browsers or apps), legacy RTMP, or fall back to HLS and/or DASH can be used.

After deployment, the following VMs will be provided:

  • 1 SM (Stream Manager) VM
  • 1 Origin VM
  • 2 Edge instances in a VMSS with autoscaler
  • 1 Load-Balancer


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