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Low Latency Streaming on AWS Cloud

The EvoStream Media Server (EMS) is a highly efficient and scalable Live Streaming Media Server. Using the EMS on Amazon EC2 Instances through the Amazon Marketplace gives you unrivaled flexibility, scalability, and value through not only the highly competitive pricing of both the EMS and Amazon but also through the ease at which massive concurrent streaming can be achieved. You’ll find yourself saving money and spending far less time in building, growing and maintaining your streaming platform.

The most often used word used to describe the EMS is “FAST“:

  • FAST in terms of CPU and memory usage: Can handle at LEAST 400% the number of streams as conventional Java-based software when run on identical hardware.
  • FAST in terms of deployment: Integrate with the EMS over HTTP with JSON. Use any technology you wish: JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc. EvoStream even provides FREE PHP examples of common integration topics
  • FAST in terms of stream latency: Deliver sub-second end-to-end to your viewers with RTSP, RMTP and MPEG-TS. When we say real time, we mean REAL-TIME!

The Efficiency of the EMS is a critical cost-saving driver for platform operators. Doing more with fewer EC2 instances not only reduces instance up-time costs but it also reduces the amount of time and resources that are required to maintain such a platform. The EMS is 400% more efficient than conventional Java based solutions. This means that each EC2 instance running the EMS can handle the load of 4 conventional instances! The EMS can even be run on Micro instances. Use fewer instances, use smaller instances, save money, save time.


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