EvoStream Media Server, the efficient Live Streaming Server, is now available on Microsoft Azure.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, April 28th, 2016.

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San Diego, California – April 28th, 2016. – EvoStream Media Server, the efficient Live Streaming Server, is now available on Microsoft Azure.

EvoStream is a High-End Live-Video and Metadata Streaming Software that Runs on Devices and Azure, and gives you the maximum efficiency for each of your servers, and total flexibility for all of your streaming requirements:

  • Host your own robust and scalable streaming platform to Broadcast an event to both in-stadium fans and online viewers.
  • Stream Security Cameras in real time directly to HTML 5 Browsers, and more.
  • Distribute your content to YouTube Live, Facebook or Microsoft Azure Media Services.

Some of the latest capabilities from the EvoStream Media server enables you to:

  • Ditch browser plugins and stream with Sub-Second delaydirectly to HTML 5 browsers, including Android and iOS!
  • Leverage integrated transcode capabilities for full support of DASH and HLS.
  • Secure your content with Encryption, Atomic Access Control, and DRM.

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About EvoStream: EvoStream is at the cross road of the IoT and Live Streaming Revolutions. We innovate with our Customers to help them deliver new experiences, and capture new values in various businesses such as Video Surveillance, Medicals Devices, Wearables, Drones, and other Video Enabled IoT Devices and Platforms. We develop the EMS, a Live Streaming software that empowers Highly-Efficient and Low-latency streaming of Video, Audio and Metadata. The EMS and its open API’s are deployable in any Device, Appliance or Cloud Platform to provide End-to-End Live workflows, from Stream Origination to Transcoding and Scalable Low Latency HTML5 Delivery. We accelerate time to market of products and empower our customers to own their users’ experience and content. We then share success with flexible OEM business agreements. EvoStream, Your partner in the IoT Video and Metadata Live Streaming Revolutions.

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